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Your Personality According To Your Clothing Preferences


You seem to prefer things that are unusual and quirky which makes you rather bold - the general population is too norm-conforming to even consider something different. Others admire you for your courage and secretly wish to be just like you because kinky people always have more fun!

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Although this term was originally used as a negative adjective, nowadays it has a much lighter tone to it and is generally a positive, desirable characteristic. People like to spend time with you, because you always lighten up the atmosphere with your playful, unrestricted, creative and plain awesome way of being and interacting. Of course, some might find you annoying, but that's not really important, because those that are close to you love you for who you are and wouldn't want you to change a single thing about it!

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You're a sweet, and sometimes naïve, person – very emotional, able to find beauty anywhere and love with your whole heart. It is often said that romantic ideas and people are not practical or related to real life, however, only you have the ability to make someone feel truly appreciated for who they are and that's a gift not many of us possess.

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You either enjoy watching sports or participating in them, but most likely it's both. You're athletic, outgoing, sociable and have a competitive edge about you. You prefer active holidays and you'd rather go bowling with friends than just sit around at a table. A lot of people admire your determination and look up to you.

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You seem to like a lot of different things that might be completely unrelated, like different types of music, fashion items, activities and so on. That shows how open to new things and experiences you are. You don’t make assumptions that are not based on reason or actual occurrences, thus, you frown upon stereotypes which makes you truly unique.

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